Dehydrator Batch control system (CLICK here for an overview).
Replaced existing temperature and humidity PID controllers with an Automation Direct PLC and
Red Lion operator interface to allow a food manufacturer to program complete automated drying
Press automation.
Provided control software to automatically position a platen and operate a press using 2 hand
control and safety light curtains with an Idec PLC and single axis Silvermax servo controller.
SLC 500 Emergency palletizer repair.
On-site troubleshooting and repair of a SLC 500 system at a local bottling plant after damage from
a power surge.
Contrologix system startup and testing (CLICK here for an overview).
On-site startup in Ohio of an A-B Contrologix system including an 8 axis sercos servo motion
controller, local I/O, 14 Devicenet nodes (8VFD's, 1 Flexlogic node, 2 Compact I/O nodes, and 3
Festo valve terminals), and an Ethernet bridge.  This included startup of an ethernet Wonderware
operator interface and passing data to auxilliary equipment via the Ethernet bridge.
Twin-Shell Mixer Support.
On-site troubleshooting of an Eagle Signal Micro-190 PLC for a large pharmaceutical company.
Conversion of US designed equipment to meet CE compliance.
Modification of existing drawing packages to meet CE safety and RFI emissions requirements for
installation in Europe.
Upgrade a biomedical assembly machine with improved final test features.
SLC-500 PLC and TCP operator interface software modifications to improve final test results on a
system in Pennsylvania.
Control system for new waste water screenings equipment.
Complete system engineering including CAD drawings, component selection, and A-B Pico PLC
software for a newly patented screening system.
Replace failed Micrologix PLC in Iowa.
Troubleshooting, and diagnosis of the problem and replacement with a pre-programmed unit
installed and operating within 48hours of the initial contact.
Assist a major manufacturer with startup of a new plant in Missouri.
Networked integration of A-B Contrologix, SLC500, Panelview and Wonderware systems.
Upgrade an obsolete Toshiba PLC for a pump controller in Albuquerque, NM.
Provided new pre-programmed PLC with documentation and assisted with remote startup.
Control design for waste water screening equipment in Florida.
CAD Electrical design and drawing package, complete material list, and support for assembly and
Control redesign to replace custom enclosure with an off-the-shelf unit (cost reduction).
CAD Electrical drawing package, complete material list, and support for assembly and installation.
Conceptual design for remotely monitoring temperature and humidity in a Utah warehouse.
Alternative conceptual control analysis for wired and wireless monitoring systems including,
description, and preliminary cost estimates utilizing Visual Basic, Automation Direct ethernet
networking, and remote radio tranceivers.
Control upgrades to a previously completed bio-medical assembly system for improved
performance and FDA compliance.
Modifications to existing SLC-500 based system for new sensors with alarm monitoring via TCP
touchscreen panel.