Mr. Tarman has nearly 30 years experience in industrial machine control systems. This experience
covers nearly every aspect of electrical machine control from digital I/O processing and analog
process control to sophisticated motion control systems and multi-controller networks. Mr. Tarman
began designing systems in 1970, and he received his bachelor's degree in 1972 from the
University of Denver. He has been installing programmable control systems since 1976, and has
successfully installed hundreds of systems. Mr. Tarman also has extensive experience with motion
control and multi-axis servo systems since 1979. In addition, he has also written personal computer
based host programs for man-machine interface and control.
Mr. Tarman has been a Registered Professional Engineer in the State of Colorado since 1977.

Mr. Tarman has been self-employed since 1984, and has worked on numerous proprietary projects
for his customers, which include:

The Gates Rubber Company, Gambro BCT, Schloss Engineered Equipment, C.A.Norgren,
Coors Bottling Co., Mastercraft Cabinets  among others.

He is familiar with a wide array of control hardware and software including those manufactured by
Allen-Bradley, Automation Direct, General Electric, and many other vendors.

In addition, he has provided sub-contract engineering services for system houses and equipment
manufacturers who have installed o.e.m. equipment for customers such as
IBM, Teledyne Waterpik,
General Motors, Digital Equipment, Kodak, McDonell-Douglas, Rolm Telecommunications,
Motorola, North American Phillips, DuPont, Intel,EchoStar, and the United States Postal Service.